The aim of this section is to showcase the entertainers available to hire from our parent company Magic For All Occasions and information and advise of interest to the party planner when looking for the right entertainer.
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Spotlight On ...

What the @*$% is a ...?
Puzzled by the different types of entertainment available. Each month we will focus on one of them to give you more of an idea as to what they are and what they do so that you can better decide what is the best kind of entertainment to choose to enhance your event.


Make yourself go with a spin

Are you planning a space-themed party this year? If you are then the ideal activity to book to set the scene is a Human Gyroscope.

Standing style gyroscopeThis is a set of giant metal rings linked within each other that can spin independant of each other with the player in the middle of all three, locked safely in by their legs & waist, sometimes standing or sometimes sitting.

The ride normally comes sullied with a trained operator who, after securing the player inside, will manually start & stop the gyroscope from spinning.

Once spinning the gyroscope will give the player the feeling of training for space flight and it's G-force effects !

This is a good activity to choose for many varied types of events, such as: Pubs, barbecues, weddings, fun days, corporate parties, etc.

The ride should be operated by a trained operator and, although being extremely safe, it should also come with at least £1,000,000 public liability insurance.

CLICK HERE to find out how to book a Human Gyroscope.


Illusions - Up close and personal

The most popular choice by far for corporate events such as dinner parties, or canapés and drinks parties is the close-up magician.

They provide that personal touch by performing to individuals or small groups standing or sitting eating their meals. Because of this they are ideally suited as an icebreaker for any social occasion.

Close-up magicians perform magical illusions using cards, coins and other everyday objects right there in the audience member's own hands, sometimes mystifying or sometimes tongue in cheak. Some may even make balloon model sculptures which prove a hit with adults as well as the more younger audience.

As an individual performance would only last a few minutes the close-up magician is the perfect choice for entertaining at restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

Because the close-up magician is probably the most versatile of all entertainers they are the perfect choice for trade show stands with some being able to create an individual custom made script using their magic to help sell or generate an interest in your product.

Various organisations that a close-up magician may belong to are:

- The Magic Circle
- The International Magicians Society (IMS)
- The International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM)
- Variety Artists' Federation
- British Actors Equity Association (EQUITY)
- Various local magic clubs

CLICK HERE to see the close-up magicians available for hire.

Spotlight On ... CARICATURISTS

Satirical quick-on-the-draw souvenirs

Guaranteed to bring a smile to any face, a caricaturist are quick-on-the-draw cartoonists who aim to capture the personality of the client being drawn. They are good for creating an imaginative dimension at Trade Fairs, Corporate, Private, and Public events where they can provide an amusing and lasting suvenir to keep and remember.

Charlie Valentino by Tania HollandA typical black & white caricature drawing will normally take about 5 minutes to complete. Some artistes may even use colour to enhance their drawings. If it is a corporate event many can also provide the ability to have your company logo or other suitable border printed in advance.

Some can provide a masterclass workshop, suitable as a gift or reward to individuals or teams of people. This would normally take the form of an outline history of caricature with examples, while they demonstrate their skills "talking through" their methods as they draw. In no time they will have everyone drawing portraits of those around them with great hoots of laughter.

Various organisations that a caricaturist may belong to are:

- Cartoonist Club of Great Britain
- Federation of European Cartoonists

CLICK HERE to see the caricaturists available for hire.

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